I am John Turner

Greetings! My name is John Turner, and I was born and raised in the projects in Orchard Park, MA .I lost my hearing at age three and began attending Horace Mann School for the Deaf.

Why I decided to share my story?

I'm here to tell you a true story. I call it, “Who Is John Turner?”

I want you to know about God’s true spirits

The spirits revealed the truth of God’s word to me when I was ten years old

The spirits revealed these truths to me before I joined a gang

I've never read the Bible, but these spirits continue to dwell within me

I’m not a pastor. I’m simply here to share my story, both the dark side and the beauty of it

For 35 years now, I have been surrounded by spirits

There is no way to remove God’s spirits. They are both a burden and a gift

God’s eyes were on me, even when I was a gangster

The gift of God’s power lies within me unrequested

Please read this important message!

So many people are looking for God today but aren’t sure where to find Him. I am here to share with you that God is everywhere …. that is, everywhere that you let Him in. I have felt God’s presence in my body and in my life. Each day of my life is filled with high, spiritual vibes. I want to share my story with you and help you find the godliness that’s missing from your life. It’s not about church or the Bible; it’s about your connection with true, living, vibrant spirit. Join me. Together, we can make spirituality real in our day-to-day existence.
I grew up in Boston’s most dangerous neighborhood and lost my mother when I was only eight years old. When I turned ten, however, everything changed. God’s spirit entered my body.
I want to share my powerful story with you. I know and experience God’s love immeasurably. From a young age, I understood this love that God had for me. As I grew up, I endured fear, pain, and hurt, but God’s spirits have nevertheless always been with me. Unfortunately, evil spirits attached themselves to me as well, trying to control my faith. It has not been easy to accept God’s spirits, but it has been a good thing—and I want them all to continue to guide my way. The truth is real and tremendously powerful. God is powerful, and his spirits can visit you, take control of your destiny, and give you the courage to see what I see.
There are many people who are passionate about their faith; they truly love God. People want to hear from God. That’s why I’m here—to stand up and share my story, to share what I know about these things. I didn’t ask for this gift; I, like you, am just a child of God. My life is tough, but I am willing to share the truth—to put it out there: Those spirits are here with us. They never sleep. The power that I have experienced is the power of God. I can only try my best to present my story. What is within me is good, but it is also a burden, because I see both sides: the good and the evil. Evil spirits don’t like me because I possess God’s Spirit and walk in my faith.
Many people have seen movies with superheroes, such as “The Avengers.” These heroes are not real. They don’t hold the true power of God. Everything I’ve been through, however, and experiencing God’s power, is genuine. It’s the real thing. I was once given too much of this power. Then God became angry with me. He only wanted me to have exactly as much power as I needed, for with this kind of power, I would be protected from those who would harm me. All because God wants me to be safe.
I knew that I was in God’s spirit, but some days were still very difficult for me. I wanted to be “free” like other people, like those who had no spirituality. So many things happened in my life that I didn’t understand for a long time.  Today, I’ve learned how to push my spirituality out when I’m in danger.
Many people don’t understand me because I am different and powerful. I am capable, at any time, of turning my life around if I am unhappy or have taken a wrong turn, because I know who I am. God always understands and cares about me. Most of the time, I am overwhelmed by the blessings He showers upon me—it’s almost too much to handle. I was bullied for my gang-related stories; at those times, I was reminded that God loves me.
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