I am John Turner

I was born and raised in Orchard Park in project, after I lost my hearing at age three; I went to school for the deaf Horace Mann School for the Deaf.

Why I decided to share my story?

I'm here to tell a True Story. Who Is John Turner?

I want you to know about God’s true spirits.

The spirits exposed God’s word to me when I was ten years old.

The spirits exposed me before I joined gang.

I've never read the Bible but the spirits are still within me.

I’m not a pastor, but I’m willing to share the dark side of my story, and the beauty of it.

For 35 years now, spirits have been around me

There is no way to remove God’s spirits. They are a burden, but they are also a gift.

God’s eyes were on me, even when I was a gangster.

The gift of God’s power is within me, without me asking.

I grew up in the most dangerous area of Boston, and I lost my mother when I was only eight years old. But when I turned ten, everything changed. God’s spirit entered my body.
I want to share my powerful story with you. I know and experience God’s love immeasurably, and you need to know about this too. From a young age I understood this love from God. As I grew up, through fear, pain, and hurt, God’s spirits have always been with me. Unfortunately, so were the evil spirits, trying to control my faith.
It has not been easy, accepting God’s spirits, but it is a good thing—and I want them all to guide my way. I want you to know that the truth is real, and tremendously powerful. God is powerful, and his spirits can visit you, take control of your destiny, and give you the courage to see what I see.
I see that there are many people who are passionate about their faith, and who love God. People want to hear from God. That’s why I’m here—to stand up and share my story, to share what I know of these things. I didn’t ask for a gift because I myself am just a child of God. My life is not very easy, but I am willing to share the truth—to put it out there: They are here. They never sleep. 

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