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I grew up in the most dangerous area of Boston, and I lost my mother when I was only eight years old. But when I turned ten, everything changed. God’s spirit entered my body.
I want to share my powerful story with you. I know and experience God’s love immeasurably, and you need to know about this too. From a young age I understood this love from God. As I grew up, through fear, pain, and hurt, God’s spirits have always been with me. Unfortunately, so were the evil spirits, trying to control my faith.
It has not been easy, accepting God’s spirits, but it is a good thing—and I want them all to guide my way. I want you to know that the truth is real, and tremendously powerful. God is powerful, and his spirits can visit you, take control of your destiny, and give you the courage to see what I see.
I see that there are many people who are passionate about their faith, and who love God. People want to hear from God. That’s why I’m here—to stand up and share my story, to share what I know of these things. I didn’t ask for a gift because I myself am just a child of God. My life is not very easy, but I am willing to share the truth—to put it out there: They are here. They never sleep. The power that I have experienced, is the power of God. I don’t know how to present my story to the world, but I will try my best. What is within me is good, but it is a burden, because I see both good and evil sides. Evil spirits don’t like me because I have God’s Spirit and walk in my faith. Many people have seen movies with superheroes, like The Avengers. These heroes are not real. They don’t hold the true power of God. But all that I’ve been through, with God’s power, is very real. At one time I got too much of the power because God was angry with me. With this kind of power, I was protected from those who would harm me. And do you know why? Because God wants me to be safe.
I knew that I was in God’s spirit, but some days were very difficult for me. I wanted to be free like other people, like those who had no spirituality. So many things happened in my life that I didn’t understand for a long time. Now, I’ve learned how to push my spirituality out when I’m in danger. Many people don’t understand me because I am different and powerful. I am capable, at any time, of turning my life around if I am unhappy or have taken a wrong turn, because I know who I am.
God always understands and cares about me. Most of the time I am overwhelmed by the blessings He showers upon me—it’s almost too much to handle. I was bullied for my gang-related stories and I was reminded of God that loves me.


Life was dangerous in the hood—I could have gotten shot and killed, both in Boston and Atlanta, but God saved my life, by spoken words and mental images.

I sold drugs in Boston and Atlanta. I never went to jail for it, but God sent spirits to convince me there was another way. These spirits pestered and annoyed me until I decided to quit. God wanted me to stop.

I don’t read well. I’ve never been able to read properly, but I learned about God on my own.

When I was deeply depressed, God showed me signs using the clouds, the trees, and the sun, that lifted my spirits.

Growing up, I was bullied a lot. But God didn’t want me to be vengeful. He would not allow me to seek revenge. Instead, God handled the situation.

It is difficult for me to accept blessings from people. It is uncomfortable because of the power it holds. Slowly, I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to accept these blessings.

Growing up as a teenager, I learned about the spirit. As nothing easy leans in my life, it made me feel alone.
Being alone made me feel quite powerful because no one understood or listened to me when I was a teenager. Presently my life still feels alone, but I know spirituality is with me.
Whether you are a reader, follower, subscriber, or occasional visitor, welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy the stories I write and share with you. These stories will reflect my raw emotions, feelings, and thoughts, which I battle daily. After being homeless for a few years, I now spend time at home to venture into my new journey, which is only just beginning. I know it will be an adventure, but it will be worth pursuing. Let’s begin.

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