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John grew up on the streets. Deaf from a young age and caught up in gangs, drugs, and violence, John knew his path wouldn’t end well but couldn’t see a way out.

Then, almost out of nowhere, John had a powerful life experience, a real-life encounter with God’s spirit. This meeting didn’t happen in a church. It happened, of all places, in the schoolyard, as John was leaving the grounds of The School for the Deaf to head home. God spoke to John that day.

This wasn’t a religious experience. It was much more powerful. John connected that day with God’s raw, spiritual power. God touch John’s heart, compelling him to seek a closeness John didn’t know was possible. That very day, John’s life changed, never to be the same.

Guns, drugs, bullying, gangs, and violence were slowly replaced by a mission to share with others how to get close to God. God chose John as fitting vessel to teach humanity about the truth of spirituality; that it couldn’t be contained by the walls of a house of worship, that it didn’t require memorizing Bible verses, that it wasn’t confined to any religion. God made John His representative, blessing him with the gift of unharnessed love of spirit and sending him out to share his story.

John Turner wants to share his life story with you, to help you connect with the God and world of spirit. He stands ready to enable others to understand the truth of human spirituality, to get rid of all the roadblocks that keep people from experiencing truth. He brings a strong spiritual vibe to his talks, and those who listen feel the spirit come alive within themselves as well. God’s spirit lives in John Turner, and he is ready to turn you on to a whole new level of spiritual connection.

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