What People Are Saying About John Turner

what is so so awesomely the story !!!!

June 5, 2023

John Turner i want have say something about you… i have know you since we was lil childhood age u were 3 and i was 4 meet at HORACE MANN SCHOOL THE DEAF 43 yrs …..i never and never thought that you have been bad and good experience rest of your life yes i know but i am very very impress of you why i say that because you have big heart and so smarter that you not giving up on your life the god is knew have planning for your life and plus your future i cannot wait to hear from your successes John guess what !!! keep it that way you re very brave ever i know and thank you for share about your life very important to you…And i am always your bestie for life and i am still support for you xoxo

love your pal Keya 😉


You love yourself !!

May 12, 2023

Wow 🤩 John makes us interested his story. I believe that he can do it. I am glad that he did change his whole life for the excellent and improvement! than before. He has a beautiful smile to everyone as family and friend! I can’t wait to hear your successes story! God is good!


Amazing story

May 11, 2023

John my only brother that I have he change so much and I’m so proud of him. I love everything he doing he is sharing his story about who is John turner he is the greatest brother I have in my life . I love it and can’t waited to see it!!!!!!! You got this !!!!!!!

Amanda Turner

Former 2nd grade teacher says….

May 10, 2023

John is a very sensitive and caring man. I can see this from his life story and his writing. I knew him better when he was one of my students. I was lucky to be his second and third grade teacher. He had wonderful energy then – and he still has an open and good heart. It has been an honor to watch him develop into a caring. spiritual man. I am confident his story and life will help many others!

Keo Fox

Filmmaker and TV production 617 Calvin 22

May 10, 2023

Yes, I support Who is John Turner!!! I want to tell everyone John is really very aggressive and more active because since John and I were in the first film session in Denver Colorado, Now He in Boston Massachusetts He is really very confident himself I am amazed about exposing his website is fascinating so beautiful comment and I still support (Who is John Turner.

Calvin Gousby

What a powerful man he is!

May 10, 2023

Y’all ought to hear his amazing story! Since GOD chose him for a reason to sharing his life story for y’all to know. His story showing us and to this world by how awesomeness GOD is! I am so looking forward to see John Turner turns into shiny shiny brightness STAR as for deaf black man that helps black deaf community that we can do it as like John Turner!! Get your shiny on, Mr.Turner!!


i love his story

May 10, 2023

john had been great person he is first deaf person had been gang very dangerous but he change his life better because he leader from his spirit it was wow make me interest his story i cannot wait hear from his story coming soon!!!

Demetrice Sams

You are blessed 🙌

May 1, 2023

This is just the beginning.. your story seem so powerful, that you are not alone but sharing your story with others such as DEAF, HOH or HEARING to hear your story of what you have been thru and how to educate others the positive ways of LIFE… I statue you for being inspiring and powerful to share ur true story… thanks you.

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